Saturday, April 22, 2006

Can Tho – Phnom Penh Tourist Speed Boats

Nhan Dan --- Travel announces: : "Can Tho linked with Phnom Penh by high-speed ships

Can Tho Transport Company has put into operation high-speed tourism ships to serve tourists travelling [between] Can Tho [and] Phnom Penh of Cambodia.

The ship runs with a speed of 25 nautical miles an hour. The ship starts at Can Tho ferry, passing Long Xuyen city of An Giang province, Vinh Xuong border gate, Kaomsamnor border gate to the Mekong River and finishes at Phnom Penh port.

A trip takes seven hours and there are two trips a day. A return ticket costs US $45."

With an announcement like this you really want to know:
  • how the border crossing is handled. Can you get Visa on Arrival?
  • how many pax
  • can you sit on the roof if it turns out to be stifling inside
  • how much is one way
  • what's the schedule
There are a bunch of references to the base story around, but not a lot of practical information. I won't even go into what sort of (non)emphasis there may be on passenger safety.
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