Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Attopeu, Laos -- Bo Y, Vietnam Road Completed

Nhan Dan ---Business reports 6 June 06: "Road 18B from Laos' southern Attopeu city to the Vietnam-Laos border, built at a cost of US $48 million in soft loans provided by the Vietnamese Government to the Lao Government, was inaugurated on June 5.

At the inaugural ceremony held in Attopeu city of the Lao southern province of the same name, the 111km-long road linking Attopeu city and Bo Y border gate in the Vietnamese province of Kon Tum was handed over to Laos and opened to traffic by the project contractor, the Vietnamese Construction Joint Venture Corporation 18 (CEI-18).

The construction of the project, including three major bridges and 16 small and medium bridges, began in December 2001 and was completed on April 15, 2006."
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