Sunday, July 30, 2006

Extreme Sports Camcorder with Wireless Lens -- Samsung SC-X210WL

Samsung has annnounced a hands free camcorder with an outboard, wireless lens, the: SC-X210WL/XAA: "sports camcorder with wireless lens
Here's the feature set:
--ultra-compact camcorder
--wireless weather resistant external clip-on auxiliary lens for hands-free operation up to 15 feet away from base
--1GB of built-in memory lets you record up to 34 minutes of high quality MPEG4 --SD/MMC slot
--2' LCD screen
--10x optical/100x digital zoom,
--680K pixel CCD
--electronic image stabilization
--MP3/webcam/voice recorder/data storage.

Available in September, 2006 for US$680. Samsung hosts a site to view and post videos.
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