Saturday, November 01, 2008

Berkeley College Prep Counselors and Associated Information

Here's some summary information and extracts about college preparation counselors local to Berkeley (California).

From Berkeley "Parents of Teens" newsletter, 31 Oct 08
College prep counselor needed for high school junior
I can highly recommend Diane Ruyffelaere. I've been working with her for
several years on the BHS College Application Handbook and she really knows
both what the colleges are looking for in students (and on applications), and
how to help students define what they are looking for in choosing a college.
She can work with your daughter on finding several colleges that are good fits
for her, on preparing for the SAT and/or ACT tests, and/or on getting that
college  essay written--before the start of Senior year! She knows her stuff
and is super friendly and helpful. She's working with my son right now, and
it's making the whole process of just finding a college a lot less stressful now
than it was looking a few months ago. She can be reached at

Good luck!

Ellen Lerner is great-- Intelligent, experienced, kind,
and resourceful.  She is on the North Oakland/Berkeley
border, and her phone number is 510-652-7222.
--Stephanie, parent of BHS senior
 Not Berkeley specific
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