Sunday, November 01, 2009

Slideshare with Audio Narration

Simple slide presentations with accompany audio narration keyed to the slide change

Windows oriented. Assumes:
  • microphone available, perhaps from a webcam
  • PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress.

  1. Open SlideShare account
  2. Open Internet Archive account
  3. Get Audacity audio recording and editing software
  4. Search for Windows built in screen capture Snipping Tool
  5. Create slides using Impress, inserting JPG screen shots
  6. Record audio narration using Audacity
  7. Edit audio narration
  8. Upload slide presentation to SlideShare
  9. Export audio in WAV format from Audacity and store locally
  10. Upload audio WAV to Internet Archive
  11. Edit SlideShare. For a demo see this.
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