Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tibetan Travel Agency

Posting seen in:

There was/is 'Tibetan Connections is an international travel agency based
in Xining, Qinghai in the traditional Tibetan province of Amdo."
I talked to them last January and they seemed knowledgable of
Qinghai/Tibet but Google, since 11 Aug 08, only finds a cache of the
website ...which could be for various reasons.

Tibetan Connections
Guo Ji Cun Gong Yu
Building 5
Lete Youth Hostel
18th Floor
Xining, Qinghai China
Email: info@tibetanconnections.com
Tel: 86 971 820 3271

The Lete hostel is handy to the middle of Xining, 15 mins walk from the
main streets. TConnection was on the 16th flr.

When back in Beijing May 2008, I was told I'd need a police permit to bus
from Golmud to Dunhuang but it was issuable within a day.

Dave Nevin, Macau.
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